Q.      What charity does the event benefit?

A.       The After Party proceeds and portion of the race proceeds benefits Lionhearts Fitness and Youth.

Their mission: To empower our youth to face fears and conquer obstacles, knowing their worth, building self-worth as well as becoming stronger physically. Obstacle Racing, particularly in team racing, develops community, unity, strength and empowerment by helping others. No one is left out, left behind. If one person can’t do an obstacle, their teammate will help, or even do it for them. Everyone has their favorite strength and obstacle, together we face them and are victorious.

Q.      Is there a hotel partner with discounted rooms?

A. Hampton Inn Chattanooga/Hixson (good until Aug 10)

Q.      What time does the Scenic City Mud Run begin?

A.       The race begins at 7:30 am. Your start time will be determined by the wave in which you register. (Times are approximate as we will compress or expand start times depending on number of registrants.)

Q.     What is the minimum age?

A.     Participants must be 12 or older to participate in the adult obstacle course. The kids’ course is for 11 and younger. Our insurance require the age limits.

Q. What are the courses like?

A. The adult course is a 5k course that utilizes some of the most beautiful scenery the Greenway Park has to offer, from overlooks, to the calming sense of the still waters in the quarry. The trail will encompass flat ground, grass, technical trail with rocks, hill climbs and descents and a rewarding opportunity for all runners alike.

We will have 16 obstacles on the adult course (some of the obstacles have multiple parts)

A sneak peak of what to expect

Mud – I mean it IS a mud run right?

Climbing, crawling, hanging, sliding and more mud

Rope climb

Hay Bale climbs

Monkey Bars

Sand bag carry

Barbed Wire Crawl

Multi Rig 

Massive Slide

Sled Pull


Over and under crawls

Cargo net


The Youth course promises to offer a bit of a challenge and a ton of fun tailer for kids 11 years old and younger. The courses will be under a mile and mainly ran in the open area of the park for a great spectating view of the muddy fun. The little ones can expect to get just as muddy as the adult runners.

A few of the obstacles are

Crawl tubes

Mud mounds and Puddles

A frame rock wall climb

Cargo Net

Hay bale climbs

Tires hopscotch

Small walls

Log carry

Inflatable portion of course

And more

Finished off with a giant slip and slide.

Q. How do I create or join a team?

A. You can start a team (or join) on the second page of registration:

1. Enter any promo code you have (there's one on the event website), hit "apply"

2. Choose your wave and quantity, hit "Continue" at bottom of page

3. After Entering your information, the select "Create a Team" under the drop down "Would you like to join or create a team?"

Q.       When and where is packet pickup?

A.        TBA

Q.      What time will the gates and parking lots be open?

A.       Parking lots will open at 6:30am. At packet pickup, you will be given your estimated start time. Start Times are posted on this website here.

Q.      What do we do once arriving to Greenway Farms?

A.     If you've already got your bib and shirt, you don't nee to check in. Other race participants should check in at the Ranger House upon arrival. The tent is located near the field where the race will begin. 

Q.      Is there somewhere I can place my valuables while I participate in the race?

A.      We have a secured bag check located at the Ranger House.

Q.      Is there an admission charge for spectators?

A.       The event is free and we encourage you to tell your co-workers, family, and friends to come cheer your team on. There will be great fun for kids of all ages.